Honors English 9 - The Sniper
Updated: 5/19/2020
Honors English 9 - The Sniper

Storyboard Text

  • A Republican sniper had just finished eating a sandwich and decided to risk the chance of a smoke. As soon as the light shone, a bullet whizzed by him and he put of the cigarette.
  • Inciting Incident: Lighting the Cigarette
  • 1
  • An old woman informed the man inside the enemy turret of the sniper's position. The sniper fired at both the man and the woman and they both were dead.
  • 2
  • A shot rang from the opposite rooftop and the sniper's rifle fell. He felt his injured arm with his left hand and then set to work on maintaining the wound.
  • 3
  • The sniper had to kill the enemy but he had to use his revolver to do it. He placed his cap over the muzzle of the rifle and lifted it until it was visible from the opposite rooftop. Instantly, a bullet pierced the center of the cap and the sniper let his arm hang lifeless after dropping the rifle.
  • 4
  • The other sniper thought that he had killed the man and was standing. The republican sniper lifted his revolver and shot at the clearly silhouetted man across the street. After the man died, the sniper was filled with remorse and threw his revolver. He was only knocked back into his senses when the revolver went off and a bullet whizzed past his head.
  • Climax: Killing Other Sniper
  • 5
  • Wondering if he knew who the other sniper was, the republican sniper risked going to take a look at him. He darted across the street and turned over the dead body to reveal the face of his brother.
  • Resolution: Finding his Brother
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