Hamilton vs Jefferson pt 2
Updated: 2/11/2020
Hamilton vs Jefferson pt 2
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  • Move Capital
  • Hamilton - strong central government (manufacturing, business)
  • I believe that manufacturing is much better than farming because it is easier
  • Jefferson - favored farming
  • I disagree with Hamilton because farming is hard working  and that is better
  • I present to you the National Bank
  • The south agreed to pay the north's war debts if they got the capital
  • National bank
  • Hamilton wanted a strong central government and liked manufacturing, business
  • Hamilton = loose construction
  • You can do what you want as long as you get your work done
  • Jefferson wanted a strong state government and favored farming
  • Jefferson = strict construction
  • You must follow the exact rules
  • They opened up a national bank
  • Hamilton liked a more loose construction were as long as they followed the main ruled they could bend but not break them
  • Jefferson like a much more strict construction and wanted everyhting to be axactly how it should be done
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