The Guinea Pig and the Girl
Updated: 5/17/2020
The Guinea Pig and the Girl
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  • Ohh, colors are illegal, Mayor Bor is going to flip. Whateverrrrrr.
  • Squeak
  • Hey, you! Come over here!
  • It's... so cute... i wanna smile... and tell others
  • There was once a town that was so gloomy and depressing, that it was called gloomopolis. Everything was gray, and the only color people wore was gray. It was like this because of their mayor, Mayor Bor.
  • AWW!
  • It's so cute!
  • Everything was boring, gray, and gloomy for years and years. Smiling was even illegal until...
  • What's all of this racket. I'm going to put you in jail and get rid of that guinea pig!
  • A guinea pig was found and made a girl smile.
  • It's so cute! I outlaw all of my old laws!
  • Word traveled fast and a crowd grew around the guinea pig and the girl.
  • Hehe!
  • Pretty soon the mayor found out about the smiles and he went down to the crowded street. He was angry at them for breaking his smiling law. He was going to put them all in jail and get rid of the guinea pig when...
  • A lot of the people ran away in fright of Mayor Bor. Soon Mayor Bor could see the guinea pig. He was so happy, and he outlawed all of his laws and made new, happy ones. Mayor Bor was now called Moyor Cheer and the town was renamed Gpigopolis. The End!
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