pastoral lyrics
Updated: 3/30/2021
pastoral lyrics

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  • Hate towards pastoralists is not cool. The higher-ups made them feel like fools.
  • Cattle, ducks, and sheep. These were some animals they would keep. The only time they got a break was in their sleep.
  • Some animals were used for eggs and skin. They paid taxes with these, even if they didn’t wanna, but it was required. So they had to give in.
  • Only the rich were granted wisdom, and girls were rarely at school. And when they were, what they were taught was very, very cruel.
  • Pastoralists were restless, illiterate, and convinced to build pyramids. You wouldn't want to be one in this time period.
  • They were told pyramid work would end in a great afterlife. They were definitely gullible, not sharp like a knife.