my life2
Updated: 11/25/2020
my life2

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  • I started my school life when I was 3, I went to the kindergadren in Aguiar, the village next to Quintiães, and that were I met most of my precious friends who still very close to me! Then i moved to Tamel when i was 6 to the primarary school, and thats when i meet my best friend, Inês! I always loved to go to school to play with my class, espacially football. I was an energetic kid!
  • My school life!
  • When I was 10, I moved to the Didalvi College. I met a lot of peolpe there too but im no really close to them. In the 7º grade, I changed schools and moved to Gonçalo Nunes. I think this year was one of the best school year of my life because i met a lot of extraordinary people! Now I'm in the 10ºgrade,I have a new classe, new friends and a new routine. AND i still like to go to school :)
  • Lara& Marta, we are friends since the 7º grade!
  • This are my most precious friends! And of them all I AM THE SHORTEST!
  • Inês, we become friends in the 3ª grade, she is my best friend!
  • Leticia, we first met at my baptism, i pratically know her since I was bron. we had varicella together!
  • When I was a kid I dreamed to become a police officer, now I pretend to study to be a criminal investigator! I also would like to travel the world and learn new languages. The country i find the most attractiv is Scotland! I want to build a family too, have a pretty house in a quiet village, have a lot of cats and make the people i love happy:) !
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