the right thing to do
Updated: 12/5/2019
the right thing to do

Storyboard Text

  • GREEN BAY, Wisconsin ( Achieve 3000, March 27,2007 ). Dennis Kocken .is a sheriff . he is like a police officer . He makes sure that drivers follow traffic laws . He write tickets when people break a law . not long ago ,kocken broke a law so he decided to write himself a ticket
  • Sheriff Kocken broke the law while driving .he moved into the other lane too fast. there was a car in that lane, and he hit the car. other police said he would not have to get a ticket. but kocken did not agree . he wrote the ticket for himself
  • The ticket says that kocken broke the law .it says he must pay $ 160 kocken will pay the money . after all he expects everyone else to follow the law , so he should follow it , too. when he breaks the law , he should have to pay . kocken says he did the right thing