The Adventures of Popol and Kupa
Updated: 1/10/2021
The Adventures of Popol and Kupa

Storyboard Description

Popol and Kupa met a strange guy who lead them on an exciting adventure. They went back into time and met two philosophers who talked about the different notions about self.

Storyboard Text

  • It was fun talking to him Faramis!
  • I'm glad you had fun meeting him Popol! There's another philosopher I'd like you to meet. Let's go!
  • Hello there! Kindly introduce yourself to this kid.
  • Hi I'm David Hume. I believe that ideas and knowledge came from experience. My philosophy of the self affirms the separation of body and mind.
  • Child always remember that only the experiences your body had could be known by your mind. The moment you experience something using your five senses such as seeing is called an impression. These impressions are vivid and lively. However the memory and reflection created by seeing is called an idea.
  • Oh is that so? Goodbye then Mr. David i'll keep in mind what you told me.
  • Take for example seeing and touching your dog. Through having a physical connection with your pet this builds an impression. This then builds an idea to your mind which is to take good care of it and give importance to it. Remember, without impressions there are no ideas. Therefore all our ideas are from sense impressions.
  • Sorry to interrupt but time is up. We need to go back to your world now Popol.
  • Goodbye Faramis! Thanks for letting me meet two great philosophers.
  • It was nice having you today Popol I hope you learned a lot from our adventure! Goodbye I hope you'd know yourself better now.
  • Did I just have a weird dream or...
  • -THE END-
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