Updated: 5/20/2020

Storyboard Text

  • It was if that day, something had seemed strange. I didn’t know what it was, but I couldn’t resist but find out. It wasn’t that long till my family and I met these unique people. We started talking to them. They told us that they had recently moved in this neighborhood. We started to become friends with them. It was all good until our dog Cali went missing in the blink of an eye.
  • A couple days had passed, and Cali was nowhere to be found. We started to worry, but hoped she would come home soon. Now, a couple weeks had passed and we were worried that something bad had happened to Cali. We started to leave out food for her thinking she would come by and eat it. We checked everyday day to see if the food had been eaten. Everyday, there was an empty bowl of food on the ground, but Cali still didn’t appear. All of a sudden we heard a loud, KNOCK, on the door.
  • CALI
  • We opened the door not expecting to see Cali with our new neighbors. We were very confused at first, but just went along with it. My family and I were all very ecstatic. We played with Cali and gave her so many kisses. Therefore, our dog is safe and home. We should never assume the worst because our dog is all safe now. Whoever knows about these neighbors, I couldn’t really tell you. But what matters is we got are cute, little, playful, dog back.