Updated: 2/27/2020

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  • You deserved it!!
  • Man it's getting lonely in this bed. I need to find someone.
  • 1. No I will never marry you you killed my husband. 2. Fine just don't hurt him
  • 1. Will you marry me? 2. Do it or I will kill your son too
  • Macbeth kills Macduff since Macduff was a MAN born of a woman and could not defeat Macbeth.
  • I Do.
  • I Do.
  • Do you take each other To love and cherish in sickness and in health?
  • A few days after killing Macduff, Macbeth gets lonely.
  • Macbeth asks Banquo's wife, Martha, to marry him. She at first rejects but then agrees when Macbeth threatens her son.
  • Your father would be proud.
  • All hail Fleance!
  • Macbeth and Martha get married later that week.
  • On their wedding night, Martha waits for Macbeth to fall asleep and then kills him. This was Hecates loophole because Martha is a WOMAN born of a woman.
  • Fleance is named king since he is the son of the new queen and Macbeth had no heirs.
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