griot story
Updated: 12/19/2019
griot story
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  • The Mean Cheetahs
  • Your hump is ugly and big!
  • Yeah, freak!!
  • That's rude :(
  • The Mean Cheetahs
  • Haha.. ugly!
  • Your neck is weird and long...
  • They need to be more kind :/
  • The Mean Cheetahs
  • They called my hump ugly and big.
  • The cheetahs called my neck weird and long!
  • The cheetahs walked by the camel and were being extremely rude. This did not make the camel feel good.
  • The Mean Cheetahs
  • The cheetahs are saying rude things to us.
  • After the cheetahs kept walking, they ran into the giraffe. They did not say nice things to the giraffe so, the giraffe was very sad.
  • The Mean Cheetahs
  • The things you're saying to camel and giraffe are not kind and mean. You have to stop.
  • Always be kind to others!
  • Eventually, the camel and the giraffe saw each other and started talking. The cheetahs were impolite to the both of them.
  • The Mean Cheetahs
  • The camel got an idea to tell the gazelle about the cheetahs behavoir. The gazelle didn't like this news so she went to go talk to both the cheetahs.
  • I'll go talk to them.
  • The gazelle told the cheetahs how the camel and the giraffe did not like the cheetahs behavoir. The cheetahs did not realize how barbaric they were being, so they wanted to apologize.
  • We didn't know we were being mean. Let's apologize.
  • After evryone met up, the cheetahs finally apologized to the camel and giraffe for upsetting them. The camel and the giraffe decided for them to all be friends. They lived happily ever after....
  • We are very sorry for our poor actions.
  • It's alright, let's all be friends!!
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