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Updated: 2/24/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Mitosis: Type of Cells
  • Science Class
  • Mitosis: Haploid or Diploid
  • Mitosis: Purpose
  • Mitosis produces body cells (somatic cells). I put people for the body cells.
  • Meiosis: Type of Cells
  • Mitosis produces diploid cells (2n). It has two sets of chromosomes. One pair of shoes=one set of chromosomes, so two pairs of shoes.
  • Meiosis: Haploid or Diploid
  • Mitosis is used for growth and healing. I put someone who's hurt.
  • Meiosis: Purpose
  • Meiosis produces gametes (sex cells, or sperm and egg cells). It produces egg cells, so I put a chicken with eggs.
  • Meiosis produces haploid cells (n), meaning the cell only has one set of chromosomes. So I put one pair of shoes.
  • Meiosis is used for reproduction. I put a family for that.