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2nd one
Updated: 3/18/2020
2nd one
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  • "Bye" Joy exclaimed! " Its time, we part". " Have fun on your side of the lake".
  • "Cries....bye amazing friend" said Mrs. Water Droplet.
  • Soon after, Mrs. Water Droplet was being turned into a gas, where she was then invisible. This is because the sun breaks down the molecules of the water, so it turns into a gas. You couldn't see it, but she then went up to the clouds, and since it was cooler up there then down on Earth, she was turned into a liquid and was held in the clouds.
  • "Ahhhhhh, I'm flying" exclaimed Mrs Water Droplet!
  • When the clouds couldn't hold anymore water, they precipitated the water back to Earth, as rain. Then she was in the ocean for the first time EVER.
  • "Ahhhhh" yelled Mrs. Water Droplet.
  • Then, again Mrs. Water Droplet was broken down by the sun and turned into a gas. Then she was invisible, and went up to the clouds.
  • "Yay, I'm flying again"! " Weeeeeeeeeeee"she exclaimed.
  • This is what happens when the water condenses, and gets too heavy so the cloud release it.
  • "Not again" screamed Mrs. Water Droplet!
  • Then when Mrs. Water Droplet was being looked at by a rhino, she was scared, but she then was gulped up by the rhino. To this day we don't know where she is. She could even be across the world.
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