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Updated: 12/19/2019
History story board
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  • Sure but only if you follow our restrictions
  • Hey Santa Anna do you mind if we move into that Texas land
  • Stephen Fuller Austin brings the “Old 300” to the Texas land under many restrictions. Santa Anna tells them they could stay if they learn Spanish, go to Mexican schools, convert to Roman Catholic, would followMexican laws, etc. This would not be followed by the Americans and would lead to problems
  • I have been sent from President Polk to purchase some of your lands for the price of $25 million
  • Stephen Fuller requests that Texas be an independent nation but is jailed by the Mexican government. The jailing of Stephen Fuller results in a revolt from the Americans which is known as the Texas Revolution. The Americans hold Santa Anna at gun point and force him to sign a treaty recognizing Texas as independent.
  • Texas request to be annexed into the United States but are denied under President Martin Van Buren. After Van Buren, William Henry Harrison becomes president but dies shortly into office, his Vice President Tyler annexes Texas shortly before leaving office.
  • President Polk sends John Sidell to Mexico in attempt to purchase California and New Mexico along with moving the boarder of Texas to the Rio Grande. When the Mexican government shut Sidell down Polk sends troops to the boarder.
  • We will not speak to you
  • Mexican troops fire on American troops in Texas, Polk uses this as an excuse to go to war with Mexico. On February 2, 1848 the Mexican government sign the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, giving the US the lands they wanted and some extra and the US giving Mexico $15 million.
  • Later the US make the Gadsden Purchase which purchases a small territory in Mexico for $10 million. After the Mexican American War the American's have completed their manifest destiny of expanding their ways over the entire land mass, which is now the United States.
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