fireman book

Updated: 1/14/2021
fireman book

Storyboard Text

  • Its all going to be okay.
  • This scene is when Montag's wife tried to commit suicide and they had to revive her. The guys that revived her was like it was nothing to worry about. Which made Montag tariffed , and they were not Medici tics they were normal workers.
  • This scene show that Montag has books in his ventilation system and he is worried he will be caught. Days before this he had stored them there, but he did not remember.
  • In this scene he meet the a little girl that is strange. She likes going outside and admiring every thing. This is weird because none of the people like talking to each other. She brings up that Montag does not love his wife. that sometimes he should lay back his head and swallow the rain.