Bio story
Updated: 2/9/2020
Bio story

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  • Sofia Lippiello
  • Inheritance: Genes or traits that are passed down from one generation to the next.Overproduction: A species that has more offspring than can be supported by the environment.Survival of the fittest: Existence of organisms that are best adapted to their environment.Differential Reproduction: Variation in amounts of offspring produced by certain species in a population.
  • Variation:
  • Overproduction:
  • Survival of the fittest:
  • There are two sizes of squirrels, the large and the small. They are the same color but different sizes.
  • Reproduction/inheritance:
  • The small squirrels can go hide in smaller places and are quicker so they can avoid predators like the fox. While the large squirrel can't go jhide in smaller places and they are not as fast as the small squirrel.
  • Adaptation:
  • Trait Selected: Small SquirrelTrait Selected Against: Large SquirrelType of Adaptation: Size DifferenceEnvironment or Environmental changes: Predator
  • There are more small squirrels around since the fox is only going for the large squirrels because they provide more meat for the fox and are easier to catch,
  • The small squirrels were able to survive and reproduce. The fox didn't eat them because they were small and wouldn't give the fox a lot of meat. They were too quick and could get away from the fox faster. That's why the small squirrels were able to reproduce and pass on their genes to their offspring.