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Louisiana Purchase
Updated: 11/7/2020
Louisiana Purchase
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  • I want you to buy New Orleans from France.
  • I need money to fund the ongoing war...
  • We want New Orleans! We will pay 10 million.
  • I have a better offer. I'll give you the whole territory for 15 million!
  • Jefferson said no more than 10 million, but this offer is too good to refuse. Sold!
  • Jefferson wanted to buy New Orleans so that he could control the trade and Mississippi River. Owning this would be very beneficial for America.
  • This purchase may not be Constitutional. We will have to consult Congress.
  • James Monroe offered the money for the land. Napoleon, however, needed money and he needed to get rid of the Louisiana territory.
  • We declare this purchase Constitutional!
  • Napoleon offered him all the territory for $15 million! This equates to about 4 cents per acre, and there were 828,000 acres of land. Monroe accepted this offer.
  • Now we have all this land to settle! I hope this benefits us.
  • Jefferson was worried that he had overstepped his boundaries and abused his power so he consulted Congress. He used the excuse of "implied powers" to get away with this purchase.
  • Congress approved the purchase and the land officially became America's.
  • Exploration could take place now that they owned the territory. With this particular piece of land, however, came many problems, and Jefferson hoped that it wouldn't become too much for the young country to handle.
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