Let the lies began

Updated: 9/30/2021
Let the lies began

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  • I´m so sorry but your fired your not committed enough for this job.
  • Please no this can´t happen. How am I going to feed my kids my wife just moved to Hawaii.
  • He said he was going to work why is he here. Oh my god is he cheating on mom. I have to call my brother and tell him. ¨Hey brother, I just followed dad and he is not at work. This is probably why there is no food in the house.
  • We have to confront him when he comes home.
  • First I will call mom and tell her.
  • Everything is good sweetheart what do you mean?
  • I-......
  • Dad, what´s been going on at work.
  • You just got caught in your own lie. Why would you cheat. I saw the eviction notices. Just met in the room and tell me the truth or I will kick you out.
  • I followed you when you said you were going to work. You have not been going to work you been meeting up with a women.
  • OMG why didn´t you tell me. You will be okay we will work something out.
  • Okay babe I´ll tell you the truth. It´s just been a hard time. My boss fired me, my money been going downhill, and I have been looking for a job not cheating.
  • Okay so I used my Hawaii check to pay some bills and buy some food.
  • OK thank you so much! I picked up some extra shifts at this job to get more money. So you can move back you Hawaii and continue your dreams.