Immune System works

Updated: 8/27/2021
Immune System works

Storyboard Description

4U - Project #1 COMIC: "How your Immune System works"

Storyboard Text

  • Immune System Works
  • I feel sick, I have a fever and a lot of mucus and i have a headeck
  • This is how your first line of defense responds
  • Eh??
  • Look, when you get sick you get a fever, you have a lot of mucus, you get a lot of sweat because that's the response of the first line of defense, which is trying to get the virus out that way.
  • And when that doesn't work?
  • That's where the other lines of defense come in, when the body recognizes the pathogen it starts looking for a way to kill it.
  • Stay here
  • Ok
  • I'll show you a video
  • Take this 
  • We are mast cells, We are in charge of sending signals to let the other cells know that there is a Pathogen
  • Wait. What are Pathogen?
  • They are particle harms the body