Peter rabbit

Updated: 5/13/2020
Peter rabbit

Storyboard Text

  • Peter Rabbit
  • Exposition
  • Rising action
  • Averie Crawford
  • Climax
  • Floppsy, Moppsy, Cotton tail, and Peter were sent out by there mo to go find some food for dinner and like always she had reminded them to never go into Mr. Macgregor's garden an accident had happened their.
  • Falling action
  • Peter being the naughty rabbit he is decided to slip under the fence anyway. There's more food in their thought peter mom should be happy i am a big brave rabbit ad can gather lots of food from the garden.
  • Resolution
  • Peter wanted to take a snack though before he gathered food for dinner he ate so many carrots and lettuce he decided to go over to the radishes to finish his feast but as soon as he walked over he looked up and there was Mr. Macgregor.
  • Peter ran he ran as fast as he could and quickly dived behind a pot Mr. Macgregor looked everywhere but he couldn't catch Peter mad he left as there was no hope to get that fast little bunny.
  • Peter looked around all over for the gate and after an hour of searching he saw it he quickly bolted under the gate and ran as fast as he possibly could when he got home he was so tired he collapsed on the floor and the girls and their mom enjoyed berries for dinner. The end.