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Early human history
Updated: 9/8/2020
Early human history
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  • Hunter-Gatherers hunted for animals and ate edible plants. Had little possessions for better mobility; they followed where animals went.
  • In the fertile Cresent region, humans started to domesticate animals and plants. These people were sedentary, unlike hunter-gatherers.
  • Agriculture started to become more known by cultural diffusion. This is one of the important steps that lead to humanity advancing.
  • Societies started to become civilizations and with this came some huge advancements; writing was developed and a hierarchy evolved. Since everyone didn't have to be farmers people could have certain jobs. Merchants were able to trade goods.
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  • Around 3100 B.C. E.Egypt, they had their first Dynasty. After some time Eygpts kings were called Pharaohs; pharaohs were absolute monarchs. In mid-2,000 B.C.E. they constructed the pyramids.
  • The Roman Empire started as a city-state in Italy but grew through force. In 509 B.C.E. they dethroned their king and founded a republic; a form of government used nowadays. Great progress was made since the start of Huter-gatherers and has continued with each century that passes.
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