Persephone myth part 2
Updated: 2/17/2021
Persephone myth part 2

Storyboard Text

  • Ok Demeter, i will send Hermes to bring Persephone back, but you must return the plants and the life to the land.
  • Persephone, please come with me to the Mount Olympus, that is the only way to prevent the fury of Demeter
  • Ok, you will bring my daughter back, so I'll bring life again.
  • Zeus told to Hermes, the messenger to bring back Persephone.
  • Go to the underworld and bring my daughter
  • Immediately Zeus
  • Demeter, know can you return life to the land?
  • Thanks to Zeus we are alive. THANK YOU, DEMETER!!
  • Meanwhile in the underworld, Persephone was in the dark garden of the underworld. the guy who takes e care of the garden, gave Persephone a POMEGRANATE, and Persephone ate six seeds. but then Hermes appear and told Persephone to go back to Mount Olympus.
  • take some seeds, don't worry, you are going to be ok if you eat them.
  • I should not take them, but i am very hungry.
  • How many did you ate Persephone?
  • Hades appear and said that Persephone ate a pomegranate. Zeus asked and how many did she ate, and she said ´´six´´. so Zeus put the consequence of spending six months of the year with her husband and the other six months with her mother.
  • Six
  • Persephone ate the fruit of the underworld!!
  • Finally, Persephone pasted six months of the year with Hades, and the other six with her mother.