Emotional intelligence Comic
Updated: 12/2/2020
Emotional intelligence Comic

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  • I just can't believe its over Liz..
  • I know Lia, but you deserve so much better
  • *ding dingYou have one new notification
  • What does he want?...
  • Contact:Mathew
  • Is it okay if I come over in 15?
  • Hi Lia, I need to talk to you
  • what do you want?
  • Lia just went through a bad breakup a few days ago, she is very sad about the way it came to an end and her friend Liz is comforting her.
  • I cant believe you would do that to me after everything! You don't deserve any more chances.
  • It wasn't even my fault it just happened in the moment and I'm sorry...
  • To their surprise, Liz's ex, Mathew, just texted her. They had not talked in days and she had not planned to anytime soon because of how badly he had hurt her.
  • You know what? What's done is done, thanks for everything but it's time for me to move on now. I suggest you leave.
  • Lia and Liz are anticipating why Mathew texted her again, Liz fears him coming back will not bring any good...
  • You're right, I do deserve better, It's time to start focusing on myself now.
  • Im so proud of you
  • Mathew tries and makes excuses for his past behaviour, he wants another chance but Lia is done going back to him and gets angry.
  • Lia realizes how unhealthy that past relationship really was and is disgusted by how he acted both in the past and now.
  • She confides to Liz who reassures her that she did the right thing. Lia trusts that this was the right decision and comes to accept that this is only just the start to a new chapter full of joy.