Clarissa and Malina
Updated: 5/6/2019
Clarissa and Malina

Storyboard Text

  • One beautiful morning Queen Clarissa was outside of her castle, she was looking at her beautiful kingdom.
  • What a beautiful morning.
  • Meanwhile, Lord Malina was coming up with a plan to kill Queen Clarissa. Lord Malina was always jealous of how beautiful and peaceful Clarissa's kingdom was.
  • Days later, Queen Clarissa was taking a walk by the river when she heard the horrible growl of Lord Malina's monster. She knew that Lord Malina had to be nearby.
  • Lord Malina must be near.
  • As Queen Clarissa was looking at the monster, she could feel a presence start to approach her. It had to be Lord Malina.
  • Knowing that water was her weakness, Queen Clarissa got a handful of water and threw it at Lord Malina.
  • Oh nooo!!!
  • Lord Malina was now gone and Queen Clarissa could now live in happiness and peace.
  • She's gone!!
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