Hamilton vs. Jefferson 2
Updated: 2/10/2020
Hamilton vs. Jefferson 2
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  • We should have loose construction. Meaning that we can do things the government doesn't specifically forbid.
  • Moving the capital
  • New capital= South
  • New capital= South
  • New capital= South
  • Hamilton- strong central government (manufacturing)
  • I think we should have a strong central government with a lot of manufacturing
  • I think there should be more farming. Farmers are independent voters and get work done themselves.
  • Jefferson- favored farming
  • The South didn't agree with Hamilton about state debt, so he tried to make a bargain with the South. He suggested moving the capital, because the South was upset about where it was. Jefferson and Madison agreed. The capital was moved to Philadelphia and later moved to VA/MD, which is now called Washington D.C.
  • National Bank
  • There should be a national bank to keep our money safe
  • No! There should not be a national bank. Even Madison agrees
  • Hamilton wanted a strong central government. He wanted this strong central government to balance out the power between the government and the people. Hamilton thought the government should promote manufacturing and businesses for the economy.
  • Hamilton= loose construction
  • There should be loose construction. If the constitution doesn't say we can't do something, then we can do it. This house has loose construction.
  • Jefferson disagreed with Hamilton once again. Jefferson thought the government should promote farming. Jefferson believed that farmers were the most independent voters. Jefferson believed they didn't rely on other people to get work done.
  • Jefferson= strict construction
  • We should have strict construction!! If the constitution doesn't say we can do something, we can't do it!!! I really hope you understand me from here!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hamilton wanted a national bank. He wanted the bank so the government can deposit money safely. Also, the government and businesses can borrow money from the bank. Jefferson thought there shouldn't be a bank, because he felt it gave the federal government too much power.
  • Hi!
  • Hamilton believed in loose construction. Loose construction means the federal government can do things the constitution does not specifically forbid.
  • Jefferson disagrees again. Jefferson wanted strict construction. Strict construction states the federal government can only do what the Constitution specifically permits.
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