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Updated: 3/9/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Social inequality due to the estate system
  • 1 of there votes could be like 20 of ours.
  • I know, its so unfair.
  • The Rise of the Bourgeoisie
  • We deserve more than one vote, we should have our personal liberty, we have ownership of property, WE WANT MORE VOTES AND RIGHTS
  • Poor weather that damaged the harvest
  • The weather is ruining my crops, how am I going to get money.
  • There were three Estates. The first were the Clergy (rich, didn't pay taxes). The second were the rich nobles (wealthy, didn't pay taxes). The last group was everyone else (they had to pay taxes and took up 98% of the population). When people voted each estate would get one vote. It was very unfair.
  • Queen Marie Antoinette
  • I love my new necklaces it was $800
  • The Bourgeoisie realized how unfair it was that 98% of the population only gets 1 vote.
  • The tennis court oath
  • We pledge to stay here until we have a new government.
  • The wind and storms were ruining the crops, and the crops fed the people, so it made it hard for many farmers.
  • Ineffective leadership of Louis XV
  • Who would ever care about government when I have all the power in the world.
  • She was the wife of King Louis XVI. She wasn't very liked and spent all of her money on jewelry and gowns.
  • The King Ordered that the National Assembly were not allowed to meet and talk about politics, and were locked out of there halls, so they would meet at the tennis courts.
  • He was a weak ruler who paid little attention to government.
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