Unknown Story

Updated: 9/29/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • The teams for the group project are as follows: Ben, Ryan and Rajiv
  • Rebecca, Ivy and Devi
  • We're sorry but we don't want to work with you
  • Maybe now they will accept me after they learn more about me
  • You're adopted and different!
  • Why am I so different. They should have never adopted me. I too should have died in that accident. I'm broken, even my own brother can't accept me!
  • Everyone thinks I'm weird and different because I' adopted and don't look the same. Even though you're also Indian, because you look like them, they like you. I don't even look like my parents at home! I don't know what I've done to be treated this way. I will never be accepted here.
  • U know what, I will try to start living my life the way I want. Thank you so much. You've made me realise a lot
  • My mom always told this story to me when I didn't feel accepted. There was Lord Krishna who lived in a small town called Vrindavan. Everyone was fair and pretty whereas he was dark ad blue.
  • He often felt different, however was able to win over the love of everyone due to his amazing personality and many talents. You are also the child of god and are perfect the way you are.
  • And the winner is: DEVI!
  • Congo!
  • A few weeks later at a chess competition
  • Ryan had finally accepted her.
  • I am so proud of you DEVII!
  • I love you Ryan