Frank Movie - Scott Fine - Akhil Paramasivam
Updated: 2/20/2020
Frank Movie - Scott Fine - Akhil Paramasivam
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  • Hmmm.... those clouds look like god alright..... Did they give me luck to win the war?
  • 250 Years Later
  • Charles Martel
  • In this scene of the movie, Clovis is thinking about converting to Christianity. After he won the war, he is seeing clouds that look like a god. After seeing the "gods", he thinks that the gods helped him win the war. Clovis was the first Frankish king to accept Christianity and is one of the reasons why the religion Christianity is getting accepted today.
  • No.... Please... Don't Kill MeI'll Convert
  • Convert to Christianity Or Else!
  • In this scene of the movie, Charles Martel who is located near the trees is trying to camouflage with the trees as it was a strategy to win the battle. One can see that the Frankish warriors have heavy infantry units(a distinct disadvantage) while the Arabs have horsemen. However, the Frankish Warriors and Charles Martel led the way to victory.
  • In this scene of the movie, Pepin “The Short” is going to get anointed by the Pope. You can see this because the location is in a church and they are both praying as. I also know that the Pope did not make Pepin the king for nothing. It is known that the Pope made Pepin the king for something in exchange. (Protect The Church, Establish Power in Western Europe)
  • Once I die, you three shall split the empire and rule evenly.
  • In this scene of the movie, Charles the Great "Charlemagne" is pointing a sword at the civilian. At the time, Charlemagne forced everyone that he ruled to become a Christian since it wasn't the official religion. Another reason why this is an important scene is that it shows how much Charlemagne forced everyone to become a Christian.
  • In this scene of the movie, Frankish warrior Roland, a brave soldier is facing a whole army by himself because he is waiting for the reinforcements to come back. He is now considered a legend because of his brave action to protect his whole army.
  • In this scene of the movie, Frankish King, Louis the Pious, is splitting the kingdom to his three sons(Louis, Charles, and Lothair.) By doing this, Louis makes the empire weaker then it already is. In addition, to this, Louis the Pious is devoted to god as well. This is known because Pious + godly or devoted to God.
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