Updated: 11/12/2020

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  • Jennie and Kath is Grade 7 Students. They are neighbors and best friends. They always talk about their lesson.
  • Jennie: Hello friend Kath, can we have a brainstorming about our lesson in school and we can relate to the past and present culture in the Philippines.
  • Jennie: Comparing literature between the past and modern life. I would say that nowadays in making an art works in literature is technology advance but in the past they just using a pen, pencil, crayon and a piece of paper only.
  • Kath: Your right Jennie, there are many changes nowadays.
  • Kath: Sure my friend, let’s start in Literature. It is a body of work either written, oral, or visual containing imaginative language, thoughts, realistically emotions and portrays experience of the human condition.
  • They moved at the back of Jennie's House
  • Kath: In the Philippines many belief and practices. One of this is saying “po” and “opo” have always been a part of our culture. We were taught to use these words as a sign of respect to the elders.
  • Jennie: But now, we rarely hear those words especially from the other younger ones. Some youth today had become verbally aggressive and delinquent. Technology also nowadays have disadvantage when overusing it.
  • Kath: That’s true my friend, so we shouldnot forget to say “po” and “opo” when we are talking in elders. Always have respect and be a role model to our fellow youth.
  • Jennie: Next, how about in the belief and practices in our country?
  • Jennie get a chair for them so that they feel comfortable .
  • Jennie: What about in different ways to take care of our health?
  • Kath: In previous times, many fresh vegetables and fruits that they can get in their surroundings to eat and become healthy.
  • Jennie: But now, nutrition is a complicated thing because of poverty and many foods are discovered that sometimes it is not healthy. In this time of pandemic we should give importance in our health. Eat nutritious food always to have long life.
  • They decided to moved and sit in the swing
  • Kath: We talk about the values in our country that make us unique.
  • Kath: Yes, It means is an “honoring- gesture” performed as a sign of respect to elders and as a way of requesting a blessing from the elder.
  • Jennie: Sure Kath, I would say one of the values of Filipino that make us unique is the “mano” or “pagmamano”.
  • Jennie and Kath decided to take a break and will continue their brainstorming after Lunch.
  • Jennie: I finished already ate my meal for lunch Kath. How about you?
  • Jennie: Yes, we are now in the importance of geographic location in terms of the different cultures in our country.
  • Kath: The people – giving rise to the evolution that endowed the Filipino people with their varying customs and traditions.
  • Kath: The geographic location diversity of the Philippines had profound effects on the cultural development.
  • Kath: Me too my friend, we can continue our brainstorming about our lesson.
  • They see each other again in the front of their houses
  • Kath: How about the different Music in the Philippines as a part of the culture?Jennie: The Philippines or by Filipinos composed Music in various genres and styles. Music is valuable, our cultural heritage has become rich, colorful, and vibrant⁠—just like the people who create it.Kath: In previous times, Music is played at every type of celebration, which includes weddings, graduations, and birthday parties. It’s considered to be a way to have fun and let out joy or excitement that you may be experiencing in the moment.
  • Jennie: But nowadays, many Filipinos forgotten this values because they strongly influenced by new technology, affected by peer, the misguidance in life leading to the inappropriate behavior.
  • Jennie: In modern life, It’s not just played in any celebration but many people nowadays can say how they feel with a song that they write or have heard, making it easier to express themselves without having fear or intimidation.
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