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  • The Crimean War was a war during 1853-1856 between the Ottoman Empire and the Russians. It was fought over the rights of the Christian minorities. Also, Britain and France joined the fight against the Russians.
  • Let's settle this peacefully!
  • The Berlin Conference was a meeting between the European nations for land in Africa during 1884-1885.
  • Imperialism is when a larger more powerful area takes over a smaller weaker one. The image shows how Europeans metaphorically "stood over" Africans. The meaning of being "stood over" is to be controlled with little rights. The Africans were used as slaves after the Europeans imperialism them and took there rights during 1884-1885.
  • This are the beliefs you will follow...
  • Assimilation is when a certain area makes another area take in and live by the rules and restrictions of a different religion or belief. This was an indirect form of control.
  • The Boer War was a war during 1899-1902 between the British and the Boers. The Boers did not have the weapons or soldiers that the British had which led to there surrender and the British victory.
  • VS.
  • Uh-Oh...
  • Racism is when a certain person or group is discriminated against because of their beliefs, culture, or race. The person or group being racist believes they are more superior.
  • WORK!!
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