the first crusade (christian side)
Updated: 4/16/2020
the first crusade (christian side)

Storyboard Text

  • the Turks arrive - 1095
  • all christian citizens. The Turks are taking our land!help me take it back!please!
  • Let's help The Pope!
  • The Pope has asked for people to help him defeat the Turks. Going round the land, he gave speeches. it worked!
  • The Peasant's Crusade - 1096
  • AAAhhhhh!!!!
  • Fear me Turks, as i am Peter the Hermit
  • They look scary...
  • The others come - 1096
  • look at what they did!!
  • the Seljuk Turks have invaded Christian territory. AlexiosI has asked the pope for help.Pope Urban went round the land and gave speeches
  • The French journey to Constantinople
  • stop them
  • Peasant's come and get massacred
  • The Christians move on
  • The Turkish leader is dead!
  • We can do zis (french)
  • Sooner, the others followed
  • The Christians get massacred
  • Kill sem(french)
  • The French arrive at Constantinople after a bloody journey.
  • The Christians moved on to Jerusalem and come out victourious.
  • Aah!
  • Aah!
  • Christian are massacred in Baghdad