The Black Death
Updated: 1/12/2021
The Black Death

Storyboard Description

This shows how deadly the Black Plague was. The Black Death is transmitted by two ways. The transmission of the bubonic and the septicemic plague are transmitted with direct contact with a flea, the bite of an infected flea. The pneumonic plague is transmitted through airborne droplets of saliva coughed up by bubonic or septicemic infected humans.

Storyboard Text

  • The Plauge
  • The Rat
  • The Black Death
  • The Black Death (also known as the Pestilence, the Great Mortality, or the Plague) was the deadliest pandemic recorded in human history. The Black Death pandemic
  • The Black Death pandemic resulted in the deaths of up to 75–200 million people in Eurasia and North Africa, peaking in Europe from 1347 to 1351. Plague, the disease, was caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis.
  • Pestis was discovered by Alexandre Yersin, a pupil of Louis Pasteur, during an epidemic of bubonic plague in Hong Kong in 1894; Yersin also proved this bacillus was present in rodents and suggested the rat was the main vehicle of transmission.
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