Updated: 5/23/2020

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  • Feeling distant from friends and loved one, tired of repeated routines and being stuck indoors, the growing death rates, virtual meetings and loneliness too?Who better to answer this questions than those whose lives are all of these and more. The almost 15.6% of Canada's population - its Senior citizens.
  • In June, Canadian Seniors takeover Google Search! Just update your Google Assistant's voice to a Senior's voice or click the Senior Doodle, and search or request for life time worth of stories dating back 65 and more years ago.
  • Tap into a lifetimes’ worth of experiences by hearing them straight from the source. 
  • This is an initiative by Canada’s Senior citizens to help young people live & cope better through Covid19 while fostering support & care for the elderly.
  • At nearly 72 years old and after five decades of modelling, Maye Musk (Canadian-South African) is helping to challenge our preconceptions, one beauty shoot at a time. Also the mother to Elon Musk.
  • Stories like A beautifully decorated tattoo enthusiast in his 70’s. Wonder what the story behind every tattoo is.
  • How are we just hearing about this now? Because #NobodyAsked
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  • Listen to the iCanAgeBetter podcast to access daily stories dating 65yrs back.