American History Isolationism
Updated: 12/11/2020
American History Isolationism

Storyboard Text

  • U.S.A is on the allies side that wins the war!
  • The countries behind me are the winning countries of the war.
  • U.S doesn’t join the League of Nations
  • No, it will bring us into world conflict.
  • Should we join the League of Nation?
  • Four-Power Treaty
  • Does everyone agree to no more territorial expansion?
  • After the U.S was on the wining side of the war they started to become isolationist.
  • Kellogg-Briand Pact
  • We solve our conflicts without war now, Italy will pay you the cost of the ship
  • The U.S didn't join the League of Nation, because if war broke out they would have to help their allies and this would bring them into world conflict.
  • Limits on immigration
  • The U.S joined this treaty because they knew imperialism was a cause for war and they wanted peace, so they wouldn't have to get involved in world affairs.
  • U.S puts up high tariffs
  • Bread- $3 from Italy
  • Bread- $2.50 from U.S.A
  • The Kellogg-Briand pact wanted countries to fix their problems peaceful. The U.S joined this because they wanted everyone to be at peace so they wouldn't have to get into world affairs.
  • Italy "accidentally"sunk one of our ships, I want to declare war are on them!!!!
  • By restricting who is allowed to come into the U.S, the U.S is building a wall around itself.
  • The U.S makes it cost more for you to by products that were imported from other countries, to make you want to buy American goods and stay “American”