Pressure; Right Choice; Stand Your Ground.

Updated: 5/13/2020
Pressure; Right Choice; Stand Your Ground.

Storyboard Text

  • School's Ended...
  • In The City
  • “Oh come on, dude, you never know until you try it so just trust me on this one, okay?"
  • After an hour later in the public yet slightly isolated park...
  • “He said “No”, now leave us alone, please, will you?"
  • "Drugs are bad for your health too, so what's the point, Thomas?”
  • "Tch...Don’t be such a $#&?!, real men do it all the time!”
  • “Yeah, and if you loved her just as much being her boyfriend and all, you’d drop all of this and accept her decision, right? Why do you keep pressuring us anyways?”
  • “Lily, babe, if you loved me like you say you do, you’d do this for me, right? If you don’t I will..-”
  • “We won’t get caught, but if we do get busted, I’ll take the blame anyways!”
  • “I think we should call it off, besides, you said you’d quit this little act of yours weeks ago, and that just proves to show that who we are, whatever decisions we make of our own, or our personal preferences don’t matter to you either.”