Hero's journey plant
Updated: 11/4/2020
Hero's journey plant

Storyboard Text

  • Kashikoi! tell alois that the fires are coming
  • Kashikoi grabbed the plant and told alois and his people they needed to flee.
  • Our clans fought for him to take credit and become emperor I think not! I will set his plant on fire and he will suffer
  • A plant? how could it know that?
  • Now's my time to get my revenge
  • I have to tell Kashikoi
  • i'm glad i have this plant and all my people are safe!
  • Thank you for saving us
  • No problem everything i do is for my people
  • Now is my time
  • Alois was sick of Kashikoi taking the spotlight for things that he helped with so he lit the plant on fire
  • Where is my plant?How will I protect my people!?!?
  • i'm not sure maybe someone stole it
  • Neither of them were seen in the town again.
  • I saw Alois take your plant he burnt it!!!
  • I'll get him and his clan for this!