The Struggle for freedom

Updated: 6/30/2020
The Struggle for freedom

Storyboard Text

  • Walking down the hallway
  • Hearing whispers at the background
  • "Are they talking about me?"
  • Have you heard about this new guy, I think he is an Immigrant"
  • Alex goes to Confront them
  • "I think I should talk to them!"
  • "No I haven't, He looks different comparing to us".
  • Here we see a new student named Alex walking down the hallway minding his own business and a bit nervous since he is new.
  • Talking to them
  • "Hi I'm Alex, I wanted to introduce myself and tell you guys that I am not different and I am same as you guys."
  • As Alex reaches at the end of the Hallway, He hears whispers at the background. He thinks that some students are talking about him and calling him an "Immigrant".
  • Proving them with examples
  • "I know I may look different but I am still a human being , It doesn't mean I need to be treated different. One example is from Martin Luther king Jr famous quote is :"We want all of our rights, we are the same , We should be treated the same."
  • As Alex continues to hear more Whispers, He wants to go and confront them and prove them that he isn't different.
  • Lesson learned
  • We are sorry that we judged you in the beginning We will never do that again in the future "
  • Alex goes to talk to them and explain that he isn't different.
  • Alex explains to them that he shouldn't be treated differently and that he gave them an example about a quote from Martin Luther King famous Speech to support his main point.
  • Martin Luther King explains that all people need equality and freedom and should be treated the same.
  • And at the end those students have learned a lesson today that they should never judge someone.