Challenge 4b
Updated: 7/20/2020
Challenge 4b
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  • Here are one of our classrooms. You'll notice they are very spacious to allow movement, and designed for students to work collaboratively. There are also individual tables for students who prefer independent learning.
  • We have a lot of technology available to help each student learn. They include computers, tablets with text-to-speech & speech-to-text capabilities, and other tools.
  • Let's look up our schedules so we know where to go tomorrow when you are ready for your classes!
  • Schedule
  • You'll notice we all have an "P" block. Its a different time on everyone's schedules, but everyone has a "Project block." I call it my "Passion Project Block."
  • It's mostly self-guided, but teachers are always there to help out and to help you find Mentors outside of school. You get to study, or build, or extend your knowledge in! My first project ever I created a PVC pipe instrument. And just last year I got in contact with a real life astronaut from the CSA and learned all about how to become an astronaut! My final presentation was a cool video I made that contained actual footage from my CSA mentor! Oh... sorry, I think I'm rambling. I just get so excited about these "P" Blocks. I can't wait to see what you do in a few months!
  • Hey, Fred, What is "Flex?"
  • Great question! It's a block where you can get individual or group help from any teacher. Just sign up & go to their class!
  • Hey, that's pretty cool. I can get extra help from a teacher... I was worried about falling behind with my LD.
  • Ok, let's continue with our tour!
  • So how is the school, kiddo?
  • Oh so great, dad! It's big and spacious, and the people are friendly! I met three of my teachers already and they seem helpful. I'm really looking forward to going back tomorrow!
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