William Tell
Updated: 2/2/2021
William Tell

Storyboard Text

  • Long ago, there was a man named William Tell. He lived a peaceful life with his son, Walter,
  • The man is Albrecht Gessler the ruler of the land where William and Walter live. He is greedy and cruel
  • One morning, Albrecht decided the people should treat him as more than just a ruler
  • Put a pole up in the middle of the square!
  • Albrecht made a new law that whenever people go near to that pole they should bow and pay respect for their leader
  • But, We must pay our respect or else were gonna end up in prison.
  • Son Get Up!
  • The guards saw and put William and Walter in prison
  • William refused to pay respect to a cruel leader and taught his son to do the same
  • I will forgive you. If you we're able to shoot an arrow above your son's head to hit the apple.
  • Albrecht is ready to forgive the two in one condition.
  • William was able to hit the apple above his Son's head. Walter greeted William with full of joy and it is said to be that William killed Albrecht and that started a revolution.