Aeneid 4.362-392

Updated: 5/19/2020
Aeneid 4.362-392

Storyboard Text

  • Your mother was not a goddess and Dardanus did not found your race! The Caucusus produced you, shuddering on rough crags, and Hyrcanian tigers suckled you. Why should I pretend otherwise?
  • Dido rolled her eyes and looked at Aeneas, flaming she spoke out:
  • Why should I reserve myself just to be wronged even greater in the future? Did he even sigh at my weeping? Was he not overcome by tears and pity for his lover? Right now neither mighty Juno nor Jupiter can see this with a just eye. Trust is never safe.
  • He was cast out to my shores and I received him destitute and was crazy enough to establish him in part of my kingdom. I led back his lost fleet and his companions from the dead.
  • I will not hold you back nor argue with you any longer. Go! Follow after Italy with the winds, find your kingship with the waves.
  • If there is any just god with power, I hope that you will serve your punishment on mid-sea rocks. Although not with you in person, I will follow you with fiery rage. And when you finally die, I will be everywhere, following you as a ghost. You shall suffer!
  • She broke off her speech and, suffering, fled inside, averting any eyes that followed her. He was left with much fear, desperately trying to figure out what to say.