The German Coast Uprisng
Updated: 3/15/2021
The German Coast Uprisng

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  • The German Coast UprisingBy: A'Niya Drummer
  • The German Coast Uprising was led by a mulatto slave named Charles Deslondes. He was the driver on the Andry Sugar plantation the German Coast area of Louisiana. He was inspired to revolt from the Haitian Revolution.
  • He communicated his plans with slaves on the Andry's plantation and in nearby plantations. On the rainy night of January 8th, 1811 Deslondes and 25 slaves began their revolt.
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  • On the night of January 8, 1811 Deslondes and the rest of the slaves attacked the Manuel Andry's Plantation and his family. They beat one of the owner's son to death, but the owner managed to escape.
  • Two days later, Hampton and his army managed to end the rebellion. The only reason Deslondes and the slaves fell was because they ran out of ammunition. When the slaves surrendered, 20 of them were killed, 50 of them were taking prisoner, and the rest of the slaves ran.
  • A South Carolina congressman and slave master, Wade Hampton was given the task of ending the rebellion. He had a small army of about 30 U.S army soldiers and it took the, two days to stop the rebels.