Conflict in refugee Name: Will Ryan

Updated: 10/15/2020
Conflict in refugee  Name: Will Ryan

Storyboard Text

  • Character vs. Nature
  • Character vs. Character
  • Character vs. Society
  • Take Me!
  • This is Mamound's family being forced to leave their country. When the got in the boat the boat it is pouring and the waves are huge. They are also about sink in the middle of the ocean with there whole family in the boat.
  • Character vs. Self
  • This is when Isabel had to trade her trumpet to the fisherman to get gasoline. Isabel needed this gas to get to miami with her family to leave. The man was very generous to give Isabel enough gasoline to get to Miami and back
  • This is when only one of them go free and the other would be taken. So Josef said "Take me".Joosef was becoming a man. Josef and his mom both ended up dying in the concentration camp.
  • This is Josef's dad is jumping into the water to try to commit suicide. Josef dad is very mentally ill and scared. But he does not end up committing suicide because the captain on the boat saves his life.