Unknown Story

Updated: 10/12/2021
Unknown Story

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  • who are they ? what are they ?
  • i don't know .... ( with a dreamlike voice)
  • when i was young before the precious came . it was a great battle . Tall men with longs swords , and terrible eleves and orcs shrieking ....
  • the dead marches , yes , yes that is their name , not look in when the candles are lit .
  • I know not who they are ; but i through i saw there Men and Elves and orcs beside them !
  • they fought on the plain for days and months at the Blacks Gates . bUT marshes have grown since then , swallowed up the graves ; always creeping , creeping....
  • Who knows ? Smeagol doesn't know . You cannot reach them . Only shapes to see , perhaps , not to touch . no precious ! All dead.
  • yes yes all dead , all rotten . elves ans men and orcs the dead marches , there was a great battle long ago ....
  • But that is an age and more ago . The dead can't really there ! Is it some devilry hatched in the Dark Land ?