Burning of the Executive Mansion -Kereana Butts
Updated: 2/24/2020
Burning of the Executive Mansion -Kereana Butts

Storyboard Text

  • Are you all good ?
  • Yes indeed just waiting for my guest to eat.
  • They should of never burned down the Canada government buildings
  • Agree! Also cause its easy access.
  • I can't believe this is happening!
  • I'm going have to grab quite a few things
  • This shows Dolley Madison and Paul Jennings which is her slave getting ready for a diner that she was suppose to have.
  • And the CAPITAL!
  • Meanwhile... The British are coming to attack the Executive Mansion on August 24,1814. And one of the reasons they did it was because they were embarrassed that America burned down the Canada buildings.
  • That was good!
  • So in this Dolley got the news that the British were coming and she runs straight upstairs to get some valuable things that she thought the British were going to take such as the portrait of George Washington. And Dolley is on the phone with James telling him.
  • 3 days later...
  • We're also going to have to call James Hoban.
  • I guess we're going to the Octagon House.
  • So as Dolley and Paul were hurrying out a little later the British showed up.
  • They saw the food and decided to take a little food break. And now there going to burn it.
  • Three days later Dolley and James Madison came back to Washington and moved in the Octagon House and and James Hoban was the guy who re-did the White House.