Unknown Story
Updated: 2/3/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Dear Mr Forthcue:Re our previous discussion on Pure Rotten: It will cost you exactly one million dollars for the return of the merchandise unharmed
  • Mr Snatcher:Do not harm Pure Rotten. I have not contacted the authoritiesand do not intend to do so. Mrs Forthcue and I will follow yourinstructions faithfully. But your researchers have made anerror. I do not know if one million dollars is within mycapabilities and it will take some time to find out.
  • Dear Mr Forthcue:Come off it. We know you can come up with the million. But in the interest of that cooperation you mentioned we are willing to come down to 750,000 dollars for the return of Pure Rotten
  • Dear Mr Snatcher:I write this letter in the quietude of my veranda, where for the first time in years it is tranquil enough for me to think clearly, so I trust I am dealing with this matter correctly. By lowering your original figure by twenty-five per cent you have shown yourselves to be reasonable men, with whom an equally reasonable man might negotiate. Three quarters of a million is, as I am sure you are aware, a substantial sum of money
  • This latest lowering of your company’s demands is furtherproof that I am dealing with intelligent and realistic individuals.Of course my wife has been grieving greatly over theloss, however temporary, of Pure Rotten, though with the aidof new furs and jewellery she has recovered from similargriefs.
  • Dear Mr Snatcher:Free after many years of the agonising pain of my ulcer, I canthink quite objectively on this matter. Though my wifedemands that I pay some ransom, ninety thousand dollars isout of the question. I suggest you dispose of the commodityunder discussion as you earlier intimated you might. Afterproof of this action, twenty thousand dollars will accompanymy next letter in the Garver mailbox.