Unknown Story

Updated: 4/16/2021
Unknown Story

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  • "He was murdered. Apollo demands we must find the killer"
  • "Where are the killers? How, after so many years, can we find a clue?"
  • "I now will become that son, as though in truth I were, and I will hunt the killer down."
  • "What are you dwelling about Oedipus?"
  • "But if he said there was only one, my guilt is inescapable"
  • Oedipus wants to find out who killed this man, who turns out to be his father.
  • "Is not the aged Polybus still king?"
  • "No, my lady, he is dead in his grave."
  • Oedipus is now on the hunt for whoever killed this man, he wants to find him and kill him
  • He slowly starts to realize that he could have killed this man, but he does not remember what happened. His wife says what happens and he realizes that he killed his father.
  • The queen finds out