Neolithic + Paleolithic age
Updated: 11/13/2020
Neolithic + Paleolithic age

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  • Food Supply
  • Life has been so much better since we started farming!
  • Now we do not have to worry about finding food to eat. We can make our own!
  • Jobs
  • I am so happy that now, we have more jobs to choose from!
  • It´s great that we are not constantly looking for food!
  • Permanent Shelters
  • It is great that we can live in real houses now!
  • Yeah, we can even cook in our house!
  • In the Paleolithic age, people went from place to place in search of food, so they did not have a stable food supply. In the Neolithic age, people learned how to farm, and they no longer had to be nomads. It changed history because people could settle in one place, and still have a dependable food supply. Farming was also much safer than hunting.
  • Communities
  • We are so happy that we can live in communities now!
  • Everybody has their own task to do, so now we do not have to do everything our self!
  • In the Paleolithic age, people´s main job was simply finding food to survive. In the Neolithic age, there was much more variety in life when people created different jobs. The creation of different jobs was important because, it inspired workers to improve their personal skills, leading to much better ways of doing things.
  • Trading
  • It´s amazing that we can trade now!
  • Whatever we don´t have, we can trade with somebody else to get it!
  • In the Paleolithic age, people temporarily lived in caves, and tent-like structures. In the Neolithic age, people built shelters made of mud bricks, but sometimes added stones and tree branches to make the walls stronger. There were also pits in the floor for cooking and storing food. This was important because, it allowed people to live in one place, rather than roaming around.
  • In the Paleolithic age, people did not have a lot of time to think about communities, because they were so busy looking for food. When people started to live in communities, there were different people who specialized in different jobs, which means that people did not have to do everything themselves. This led to people having much more time on their hands, so they could figure out ways to make community life more comfortable and safer.
  • In the Paleolithic age, people rarely traded, and were more concerned with plants and animals that they found nearby. In the Neolithic age, people traded to get materials that they did not have in their own area. To trade, people walked across mountains, rode donkeys across desserts, and even sailed the Mediterranean Sea. Trading was important because, people got to interact with others from far away places. This helped spread new ideas throughout communities.
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