Updated: 3/18/2021

Storyboard Text

  • At Home
  • I need to buy groceries now
  • Breakfast
  • Yum Yum!!!
  • At the car
  • Linda awakes after a good sleep, until she realized that she needs to buy groceries, so that she is ready and prepare during quarantine.
  • Getting Trolley
  • Linda immediately walks in the kitchen and prepare her food and started to eat.
  • Paying
  • While Linda is Driving a car suddenly stop at her front and Linda quickly stomp her break results to her moving, but the good thing she wears her seatbelt.
  • At home
  • Linda is walking with her push cart and at the same time taking a look at the products.
  • Linda pushes her cart as fast as she can to go first to the line.
  • Finally Linda is home after doing the groceries.