Updated: 2/9/2021

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  • The Muslims from Spain scared off and threatened the French territories for years.
  • Please help us!
  • In 732, Abd Er Rahman came over the Pyreness maybe to end the destruction or probably to loot the frank territories.
  • Go on and be strong to fight!
  • Let us destroy the French until they are no more!
  • To this day, it is still not known where the battle took place, but people have made rumors saying that they met where rivers Vienne and Clain joined between tours and politiers. For six long days, both of the armies glared att each other and had done no violence. The Frankish people had an advantage of terrain and clothes
  • Begin fighting!
  • The Muslims then retreated the next day late in the night.
  • Retreat!
  • During the battle, Charles earned a new nickname Martel (Hammer). He drove the Muslims in the continuing years from the era between Arles and Avignon. He then continued the defeat the Muslims once more.
  • Victory is ours!
  • Most Frankish bakers clebrated over the other team's defeat by making bread in the form of a crescent. Now in modern day France, French croissants are still being served.
  • Lets celebrate!