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Hamilton vs. Jefferson
Updated: 10/15/2020
Hamilton vs. Jefferson
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  • Thomas Jefferson leader of the Democratic Republicans party.
  • Alexander Hamilton leader of the Federalist party.
  • The supporters of the Democratic Republicans party are artisans, shopkeepers, frontier settlers, back-country farmers, and poor farmers.
  • The supporters of the Federalist party are merchants, bankers, manufacturers, and some wealthy farmers.
  • I believe in states' rights. The states should have more power than the national government. I am a strict constructionist. I believe the common man is capable of self-government. Therefore, voting qualifications should be low.
  • I believe in strong central government. The national government should have more power than the states. I am not a strict constructionist. I trust the elite because the common people are incapable of self-government.
  • I believe in a agrarian economy.
  • I believe in a manufacturing commerce economy.
  • I disliked the national bank because it benefited higher class people and was unconstitutional because it wasn't necessary.
  • I approved the national bank because it was good for investors and was constitutional because it was necessary.
  • I am the Secretary of state. I deal with foreign affairs and international relations.
  • I am the Secretary of the treasury. My job is to print money, pay off the nations debts and bills, and collect taxes.
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