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Ali Baba 1
Updated: 10/5/2020
Ali Baba 1
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  • Ali Baba's Adventure all began in the woods where he is found sawing wood
  • Approaching riders!They must be thrives!
  • I have never seen such a sight...!
  • The men are .......thieves
  • Open sesame,Hurry men grab the sacks of gold we must make sure no one has seen us
  • Such riches they must have been hiding this for generations!
  • A deep rumble faintly echoed through his body, gritty sand pecking at his face, Rough voices rang out across the silent woods, "Faster, faster!" men cried, spurring their horses forward. Ali Baba's eyes darted around, looking for shelter a lush green canopy meeting his gaze, He climbed up the tree for shelter its branches embracing as he blended in the forest
  • You thieve!Where did you get all that gold!
  • We should be wise and muesure our gold I'll go get the scale from Cassimes house.
  • Don't worry Alya I am of no sort of robber nor thieve but a man who with so much of luck found a gold cave 
  • Early the next day...
  • As Ali Baba hid behind the trees forty strange men strode to the cave. A man with an obsidian ring out of the mob was suspiciously examining around.and with a click, the cave closed after Aftab finished saying his words he and his man thundered away and with a click, the cave closed in. Leaving me alone with the songs of the bird I slowly and cautiously strode to the magical cave.
  • Thank you dear I will return It be noon
  • Oh no hurry....hehe
  • Here you go dear sister in law
  • Large pots brimming with gold with diamonds magnifying into the cave. Gold coins on the floor scattered, crown necklaces, jewels rubies, silk robes Persian carpets hung from the ceiling with their beautiful designs and all that you could ask for! Without a blink, I scampered up and down grabbing each small coin that my eyes could find soon my pockets were overflowing with gold coins not to mention rubies!
  • What is the meaning of this Tell you handsome amazing brother at once the TRUTH!!!
  • You win dear handsome,amazing brother
  • Ali Baba showed her the two great bags. Once I had spilled the leather bag I closed all the torn curtains hoping no one noticed. Her eyes became like two large plates!Ali you should not be counting coins instead a wiser approach would be measuring ‘’ I nodded in agreement I asked her to go get Cassimes measure. However, what I should have done was buy my own because the trouble that was heading for me was worse than wasting a few coins…………..
  • Alta had just returned and started preaching about her weird day heard loud shouting about why you never gave me nice sandals and shoes. I slowly and carefully went inside to get the measure when I saw Faruiza screaming and hitting Cassime on the head with a leather bag……..! I quietly asked Faruiza If I could bother to take the measure. Without a breath, Faruiza turned to me and said like and a demon who had turned into an angel ‘’why yes dear it’s in the kitchen she turned to follow me while making faces at Casime. 
  • However little did she know Faruiza had spread wax under the scale.....
  • The next day in my ears were these following words ‘’WHERE DID YOU GET THE Where GOLDDDDDDDD’’ssomehow Cassie had found out that I had bags full of gold!.....never said than done I spilled the beans I told Casime the whole story even Zara's smile however what I shouldn’t have done was do the stuff which I stated I saw Cassimes eyes glimmer with greed
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